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Welcome to the official website of Lloyd grant and black lloyd BAND


Who is Lloyd Grant? When Metallica needed a lead Guitarist and electrifying solo for their single "Hit The Lights" on the very first Legendary Metal Massacre I on Metal Blade Records, Lars called his good friend Lloyd who was was the man for the job.  Played on vintage 62 8 inch Jensen Speaker GVC-9031 Montgomery Ward amp and Gibson Flying V Guitar he rode the lightning to a Metal Legacy. 

Now years later, Lloyd has brought his unique and original voice to his music. 

Black Lloyd is a combination of all of his styles from traditional Thrash Metal to to the sound of of his original country Jamaica Reggae, Funk and pure Groove.

A heavy grinding song with a thundering

Riff with will stick in head for days

Master's Voice
Do what you are told, at any cost..

Circling the Drain
Death and Destruction is everywhere..

This song is a pure reflection of society 

blacklloyd-lloyd grant band