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"War of the World"

Lloyd Grant Defcon live at the Green Door in Southern California 1985

copyright 1985;  Lloyd Grant Publishing BMI

Defcon original 1985 Demo Tape CD coming soon!


Lloyd Grant Band 2003

copyright 2003;  Lloyd Grant Publishing BMI

"Hit the Lights"

Lloyd Grant performing his iconic solo live with Metallica XXX 30th Anniversary 2011 Fillmore SF

Video courtesy of Metallica Club all rights reserved


Lars talks to Lloyd Grant backstage 2007

Video courtesy of Met Club all rights reserved


"Hit the Lights" Lars intro of Metallica history with Lloyd Grant at 30th Anniversary 2011 Fillmore SF

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"Hit the Lights" Metal Massacre 1st Pressing

with Lloyd Grant on Lead Guitar

copyright 1982 Metallica and Metal Blade Records

​​Lloyd Grant with Metallica